Monday, November 30, 2009

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Jayne's Seaside Pick - Memories of the summer!

What have I done to my back? I spent the last day and a half on the sofa and the only galley I had at my fingertips was ELIN HILDERBRAND'S "THE CASTAWAYS". I have not read one of her novels until now, because as a devoted annual visitor to Nantucket, I've questioned whether any author could do the Grey Lady justice in a beach read. I started the novel, flat on my back, at 5:30 yesterday and by tea time this afternoon I was finished. The perfect length for a beach read, and also for healing an ailing back. The four young and appealing couples who are the best of friends are united by their love of their life on Nantucket, their families and the deep friendships with each other. A sailing accident claims the life of one of the couples who have been suffering their own personal tragedy and marital discord and send the other couples into various states of grief. The mystery surrounding the accident brings about surprising discoveries of the relationships between the individuals. Good summer read!

Monica's Latest Read - Updike

I have just finished reading John Updike's masterful posthumous collection of short stories, "Tears of My Father." Although all of these stories have been previously published in different periodicals, reading them as a collection is illuminating. For those who have followed Updike's writing, there are familiar themes of love, aging, adultery, decrepitude, lust, life in middle America, hope and despair. For those who are new to Updike, this is a wonderful introduction to a writer who spent a long career charting the complicated inner landscape of rather ordinary people. The writing is taut and, at the same time, nuanced as are the characters that people these autobiographical stories. We've lost one of our truly great writers but he has left behind a fine memento for us to relish.

Pam's Pick

What with Amazon and Walmart having price wars over best sellers...I found a book in our independent bookstore that will never see the light of day in one of those big conglomerates. It is utterly charming. The book is "The Whole Five Feet", by Christopher R. Beha,. In this literate memoir, the author decides to read the Harvard classics, compiled by the Ex president of Harvard, Charles Eliot and his assistant. The books measure five feet on a bookshelf. The premise is , If you can read these classics you can attain a very good liberal education..and possibly a more interesting life. The author has struggle with his catholic faith, the illness of a beloved aunt and his own perilous health issues. In the course of a year he reads all and cherry picks what is important to him to makes sense of his life and struggles. The writing is pure joy..modest, simple in only a good writer can do..but filled with deep issues to mull over in your head for a long time. This book is like sitting down with a very bright intellectual who shines a light on literature..and in the process you understand the reason for the classics..and how they effect the human soul.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

"The Girl Who Played With Fire" by Steig Larsson
Wow, another amazing read from Steig Larsson. His first book "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" knocks your socks off! It is a dark journey, not for the faint of heart. Both books are set in Sweden, Larsson's home country. Although Larsson deceased in 2004 his audience is lucky to have these incredible tales. Electrifying!