Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ellie Kreiger, Cookbook Author is Great!

So now I am home from the Ellie Kreiger event. Remember... she is the Food Network, host, as well as the cookbook author of "SO EASY." What an excellent presentation..she told everyone about her top ten ideas for starting good nutrition habits. Duhhhhhh keep it simple and that is exactly what she did. She is so real and down to earth in her nutritional ideas that it is a no brainer to change your unhealthy eating habits into better choices. So many of the audience questions touched on our toxic food't go there in this, but it is becoming more evident that people are worried about their food sources.

On that note the latest book from Michael Pollan is right on. He is quickly becoming the guru of the 21st century. BUY IT. It is easy to understand and attainable.

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