Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cookbook Titles

This month we are initiating a monthly bookseller e-blast. Each month we hope to have one of our talented booksellers share a bevy of titles with you. ESB has many cooks on staff, but the person who absolutely savors each new cookbook is Melissa. She is also the person who tries to keep order in that department. So sit back and enjoy reading about the titles she has picked.
One more note - Would you like to participate in a cookbook book club @ ESB? One per season, maybe with a cooking demo too. If so reply to this email with your name and contact info.

Brighten up your gray winter with this vibrant, colorful selection of healthy cookbooks.

Drink your veggies and learn how to boost their antioxidant and protein power with recipes from Best Green Drinks Ever by Katrine van wyk

In Eating In Color by Frances Largeman-Roth find great recipes using these colorful foods and reduce the risk of a variety of illnesses including heart disease and stroke.

Vegetables take center stage in this beautifully photographed book, Vegetronic by Alexis Gauthier which also includes meat, chicken and fish.

In your face photography will make a vegetarian out of anyone in this new exciting vegan cookbook, Mouthwatering Vegan by Miriam Sorrell

Help teach your children to eat healthy colorful food by involving them with the cooking in these user friendly recipes in Ella's Kitchen, The Cookbook  the Red One by Ella X



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