Saturday, March 6, 2010


This week I am on vacation at one of my main haunts, Jackson Hole, WY I have spent many days here and never tire of the views, the snow, the skiing, the parks, the pace, the people or the soul. Went to yoga yesterday and the instructor read out of a really neat book, "365 Yoga Daily Meditations."

Good book for some thoughtful time...and you can't beat yoga for keeping you limber.

Went cross country skiing in Grand Teton National Park the other about beautiful. Snow, woods and the serenity of nature. I know that sounds like a cliche, but it is'nt. Life is good. Donate some $$$ to our National Parks, they are treasures. Check out their website. This is one of my favorite books on the National Parks. The National Parks: Our American Landscape" by Ian Shive & Tom Kiernan. Great gift book.
Another beautiful book on the National Parks is " Silence and Solitude: A Yellowstone's Winter Wilderness" by Tom Murphy & Tim Cahill. Amazing photos of the park in the deep of winter.

Want to read a really great book set in Wyoming? Pick up " The Legend of Colton Bryant" by Alexandra Fuller. True story of a young Wyoming roughneck in the oil industry and the life shaped by the industry and the place. He is a heart warming character who will stay with you for days to come. Alexandra Fuller is a wonderful author. Check out her website to see her other books. www. She was at Elm Street books a few years ago.
It is a ten day here today so enough blogging, time to ski!

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